Get to know more about us. The Journey So Far


Passionately driven by our Core Values & Culture

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank was re-strategize in 2016. We specialize in payroll loans & time-bound deposits.

We are always driven by our core values and our professional culture. We seek to create an exciting, friendly, and welcoming environment that nurtures team spirit and excellence in every individual.

This is shown by our constant evolution of providing excellent service delivery and prompt provision of financial services to our customers.


Public Sector

We Specialize in Giving out fast 10 hours prompt loans to salary earners.


Private Sector

Looking for flexible and easily accessible loans? We have got just the right fit for you.

Let’s drive your progress in life with our financial solutions

We always strive to give you the best financial solutions that you will need to keep your life running smoothly.


We design and devise our own effective banking products & financial solutions

You are our top priority and we are willing to do anything, well almost anything to improve your experience with our banking products.

How it all Started

This is Our Story.

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank is a financial brand rejuvenated from the old Mark de Rock Mfb Ltd in April 2016, with a change in name and management as a deliberate move to make our mark on the sands of the financial times in our part of the world, and to serve the lower echelons of the economic pyramid specifically, by affecting households.

50,000 customers from 42,000 households down the line, ours has been a success story down a road littered with testimonials of our prompt and forward-looking customers service, sustainable progress, and a focus on the delivery of superior returns to all stakeholders.

Our lending methodology takes cognizance of the need of hundreds of thousands of civil servants needs to establish cottage businesses in a bid to empower their households with small trade, thrift, and small farm setups across the agriculture value chain, with structured and term loans, as well as business support to Small and medium scale enterprises and people at the base of the economic pyramid in Nigeria.

These are funded by our shareholders and stakeholders as well as products for funds placement that are second to none in the industry.