There are tons of business ideas that you can launch and profit from as long as you are dedicated and willing to put in the effort. Executing any of these demands a sizeable amount of capital, just like with any other business plan, and getting a loan will help when you can not handle the financial capacity alone. 

Here are seven business ideas that you can start with a loan:

1. Poultry Farming: Poultry farming continues to be one of the top farming businesses in Nigeria, including raising turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens, and other birds for commercial purposes. You have two options when engaged in poultry farming, you can sell the birds for their meat or sell the eggs they produce. This business is highly profitable and provides room for growth.

Hens in a factory.

2. Setting up a restaurant: Due to the strong demand for food supply across the country, setting up a restaurant can also be one business that will thrive under any economic condition. Everyone needs to eat, and as a business, you should be available to satisfy that need. However, starting a restaurant business costs money, and that is where getting a fast loan from Mutual Trust MFBank comes in.  

Customers enjoying a nice meal from a local restaurant

3. Car wash: Starting up a car wash business requires little to medium capital funding. All you need is a shop in the right location and the necessary tools to get started. Additionally, you can choose to manage the company yourself or hire a staff to assist you. The profits from a car wash business can be good if you provide quality services to your customers. 

4. Supermarket:  Opening up a supermarket can be highly profitable if it is efficiently managed and situated in a good location. It operates like any other buy-and-sell enterprise where you purchase goods or products at a price lower than market cost and resell them for profit. The capital funding for a supermarket ranges from a medium to high funding scale and can be backed financially by a loan. 

African woman in a supermarket

5. Fitness center: With a young and ever-growing population, and a keen interest in athletic or sports, fitness, and weight loss achievement, Nigeria has it all for anyone who wants to enter the fitness industry as a business owner. Setting up a gym or fitness center requires medium to high capital funding and a good location accessible to all.

6. Laundry services: Laundry services can be one of the most lucrative businesses for you as a business owner in Nigeria if done right. The basic needs for a laundry service to attract customers are a washing machine, steam iron, quality detergent, and a cellphone/social media for your customers to reach you. Once again you can choose to hire a staff to manage it. 

7. Photography: Capturing memories is one of a person’s best assets and photographs help preserve memories. Photographers are in high demand as they are contracted on different occasions to provide high-definition pictures for their clients. To get started, all you need is a quality camera, a tripod stand, excellent lighting, and good photography skills. You can get a loan if you feel the capital requirements are daunting. 

Setting up any of these businesses would require low to medium-capital funding, and getting a loan to fund it can be the best way to go if it comes with favorable interest rates and flexible loan repayment possibilities. You can always repay when your investment generates a return.

Are you looking to start up a business and require funding? You can get a quick loan with flexible repayments today. To get started, simply visit our loans page or Contact us today!

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